The Unity Chronicles

The Universe

The universe of the Unity Chronicles is our universe, a few centuries into the future. It is set after a "golden age" of expansion, during which over sixty habitable star systems were discovered and settled. Faster-than-light travel ensured that terraforming was largely unnecessary, as settlers were able to reach Earthlike planets with relative ease.

While the earlier expansions were generally undertaken by the space fleet of the global government, the Earth States Commonwealth, it was not long until the only reason to settle new planets was for their fresh resources, and there were substantial rewards for any corporations willing to outlay the capital to fund their own colonisation efforts.

Once space flight became more affordable, independent colonies were settled by groups of private citizens. These were often hostile to the authority of the corporations, and fiercely self-sufficient - in some cases to the point of outright piracy. Despite attempts to bring a lasting solution to this problem, the divisive nature of the corporations and their inherent mutual distrust ensured that none was found.

The first Unity Chronicles novel, Ex Nihilo, begins at this point. The events described therein change the face of the galaxy forever, and usher in a new era of history: the Years of Unity.

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