The Unity Chronicles


Unity Standard Time: 10:02, 2nd of March U110. Nea Athina, Phoenix.

The placard read 'New Order same as the Old Order', and was propped against the table in a bar off Haptsön Square. Outside, a large crowd was gathering at the entrance to the Chamber of Eleven. The young man sat at the table fidgeted impatiently.

"You can't stop me, old man," he declared, thrusting out his chin. "A people has a right to protest their government."

"I'm not going to stop you, son," the older man replied, casting a weary hand across his brow. "I just want you to understand what you're protesting. You don't remember anything before the New Order, so you don't know how different it was to live under Unity's rule. How much worse it was."

The young man scoffed. "They have faux elections to select a tyrant to wield supreme power. How is that different to the New Order?"

"Apart from the fact that the Order's elections are subject to robust scrutiny, the Unity Archons are essentially elected for life; the post of the First is re-elected every two years. You have no idea how many more freedoms we enjoy as citizens of the New Order. The Church holds no sway over legislation, for one thing, so we don't have to worry about pissing them off by saving lives in the wrong way."

"Saving lives here and throwing them away in the War?" the young man countered. "Is that the action of a moral state?"

"You've made up your mind I see," the older man sighed. "I'm tired of arguing with you. Just remember that you wouldn't be questioning authority if you lived on a Unity world."

"You're damn right I would be!" the son shouted, surging to his feet and thrusting out an emphatic finger.

"Not when the Predators got wind of it, you wouldn't," the father retorted. "You and your friends would be silenced one way or the other, and if anyone noticed, you would be explained away as terrorists."

His son still stood looking pugnacious and stubborn, but unable to respond for a moment. The father waved him away.

"Go on, go enjoy your freedom."

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