The Unity Chronicles


Unity Standard Time: 21:56, 10th of April U32. Arcadia colony, Arcadia Prime.

He was just being paranoid. But that knowledge did nothing to stop the shadows moving through the dusk-dimmed streets at his back, threatening at any moment to become government agents sent to silence him - or worse.

He fumbled in the pocket of his tweed jacket as his pace increased, his shaking hands finally producing the flask he sought. A few desperate drags at the lip emptied it of liquor and he grunted, unsated.

A car pulled up beside him in near silence, its hover jets whispering ominously and its blackened windows causing his heart to race faster as he imagined the threats that could be lurking within. His legs begged to break into a run, but he kept them moving at a brisk walk.

The window lowered with a slight sibilant hiss, and he took an involuntary step away from the kerb. Someone lunged out of the window towards him, and he braced himself for the worst, closing his eyes.

The student from his undergraduate engineering class yelled something cheerfully incomprehensible at him and sped off again into the fading light. He waited until it was out of sight before leaning heavily against a nearby wall and wishing he hadn't already drained his flask.

He couldn't go on like this.

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