The Unity Chronicles

Other Stories

There are several ideas in the pipeline as regards storylines for The Unity Chronicles.

Iconoclast (working title)

The life of a freelance assassin is not typically one in which ideology features heavily. Her supreme skills to end life on sale to the highest bidder, Dāo Yé has lived this life for as long as she can remember. Strange then, particularly to her, that she should play a central role in the final fate of Unity - for no charge.

The Arcadian Heresy (working title)

The past cannot be changed, but it can be lost. Under the sinister new regime of Unity, a resurgence of prohibition has curtailed many once-widespread practices, and much knowledge is on the verge of being forgotten entirely.

A rural paradise, the major settlement on the planet of Arcadia is hardly the place one might expect to find this information being preserved against the wishes of Unity; but that is just what the heretics operating there are hoping will protect them from the threat of retribution. The question is: do you simply preserve the knowledge, or do you use it?

The Anarchist's Rise (working title)

While Unity's gaze is drawn by the growing unrest in the galactic North-East prior to the Battle of Giants, a radical group on the other side of the galaxy is rapidly gaining support. Wil Eumes is just one of the many disillusioned young people who hear the call of The Anarchist, a mysterious figure embodying the spirit of defiance they seek, and yet it is on his shoulders that the fate of thousands will rest.

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