The Unity Chronicles

The Origins of The Unity Chronicles

It was the mid-to-late-1990s. My family owned an Apple Mac that had a hard drive capacity of around 500MB, and most games we had took up around 1 or 2 of those precious MegaBytes. I was thus fascinated to find a game which took up a huge 10. This game was called Escape Velocity, developed by Ambrosia Software, Inc.

It was a game with an open storyline - players took on the role of a new-made captain in charge of a tiny, unarmed and vulnerable shuttlecraft, and from that point on were able to do exactly what they pleased in the galaxy. There were numerous stories to choose from, which became available as the player's reputation grew among the galaxy's various factions.

I was captivated by this game. I lost many hours of my life to the pursuit of those elusive 10 million credits which would buy me a Kestrel, the most powerful civilian ship in the game. It also inspired me to write a story based in the same galaxy as the game, which I started around 1997 but eventually lost interest in.

I came back to it periodically, however, over the next ten years. I added to it, modified it, and forgot it again - until recently. After the anthology to which I contributed, The Maker's Mark: Remnants, was published, I began to consider working on the story again; this time with a view to getting it published also.

To this end, I have scrapped everything I had so far and begun from the bottom up. The story is now firmly removed from the Escape Velocity galaxy, while remaining inspired by it. The text also required a complete rework to give it a consistency in style it previously lacked, having been written over the course of a formative 10 years of my life.

The storyline already has a greater scope than the original, and a richer historical backdrop born from the necessity of providing it myself. The first pieces of prose I wrote set in this new world were based 28 years before the events of the novel, and concerned a key historical battle. It was around this point that I realised the galaxy I had created had the potential for more than one novel, and came up with a name which would cover everything I wrote set there.

Welcome to The Unity Chronicles.

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