The Unity Chronicles

The Hormone

Unity Standard Time: 16:58, 17th of June U56. Location Classified.

She waited patiently for the retinal scan to confirm her clearance. She had already passed through three doors that had scanned her subdermal identichip, but this last door was triple-scan clearance only. Her brainwaves were read too, and the four large titanium alloy bars clunked aside invisibly. She pushed the door open and stepped into the laboratory beyond.

The walls, floors, ceiling, work surfaces, and clothing were all a gleaming, pristine white, punctuated by the glass and shining chrome of the equipment. She strode through briskly, acknowledging nobody on her way to the office in the far corner. Her chip was scanned again, and she swept inside.

"What's so important you couldn't send a secure comm?" she demanded after ensuring the door was locked behind her. The man at the desk, Quade, looked up with eyes that were bright and intelligent despite the dark bags beneath.

"Good morning, Director" he greeted her, his dry tone keeping the irony from becoming outright offensive. "It seems something has been discovered in the sample tests that has some significant potential."

"Whose research is it?"

"One of Neminsky's protégés; kid by the name of Kurios." The Director winced; Leonard Neminsky was the closest thing the department had to a loose cannon.

"Dangerous?" she asked.

"Leo thinks he shows promise..." Quade replied, in a tone that left no doubt as to his inference.

"Take him off the project" she told Quade. "Send him to Matharu. I'll take care of Neminsky. What exactly does this research show so far?"

"Kurios has discovered that what we were referring to as the alien hormone actually acts in similar ways to a virus when brought into contact with human brain tissue." Quade could not disguise the excitement in his words.

"You recommend sending it to the weapons division?" she surmised. Now the man at the desk grinned outright.

"Oh no, Director, this is going to be so much more than a weapon."

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