The Unity Chronicles

Flash Fiction

Here is a collection of short pieces of fiction set in the universe of The Unity Chronicles, in no particular order.


A student holds a conversation online that shifts her perceptions.

Danger Pay

A scientist in hiding is found by one who means to use his knowledge for one last breakthrough.

Strannik's Journal: Entry One

A survivor of planetwide destruction ekes out an existence in the ruins


A man attempts to talk reason into his firebrand son, set on protesting against the New Order government.


Shalina Ritter returns to New Persia on an errand for the Progress Group.


A man's reality becomes detached from the reality of those around him.

The Hormone

Top government officials deal with a groundbreaking scientific discovery.

The Climbers

An exploratory expedition in the early days of Unity meets a grisly end.


A woman is called upon to fulfil her fate.

Easy Mark

The bounty hunter Gheist pursues a mark to New Lemnos.


A boy is bullied, and a friendship is born.


A bounty hunter past his prime is given some career advice.


An unauthorised colony is discovered by Unity.


A captain takes a passenger aboard his boat to the Indian Ocean.

The Hunt

A rebel settlement lives with the constant threat of the Unity Navy.

Death of an Archon

Archon Kiah Sicarius chooses how he will be remembered.

Fresh Start

A washed-up detective gets a second chance.


A professor fears apprehension by the Unity authorities.

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