The Unity Chronicles


Unity Standard Time: 12:56, 2nd of August U111. San Francisco, Earth.

The man stood passive in his crisp black suit, hands clasped behind his back. He showed no reaction to the hysteria of the woman sat in the deep armchair before him as the noise of traffic drifted apathetically through the window, the city around them paying no heed to the torment occuring.

"Why? I mean, why me?" she pled for the third time.

"It must be you." The man looked down not uncaringly, but made no move to comfort her. "The Great Destiny has chosen you and no other can play the part put aside for you."

"Why would the Creator choose me? I'm nobody."

"All have their role in the Great Destiny. There are no unimportant players."

She fell silent, hanging her head in thought. He saw that he had served his purpose, and took his leave as silently as he had arrived, activating the device that would remove all trace of him from the apartment complex's surveillance archive.

Some distance away, he stopped in a deserted park and made a call over a secure subcircuit in UNet. His superior answered.

"Is it done?"

"Yes, Dominus," the suited man replied. "She will serve her purpose."

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