The Unity Chronicles


Unity Standard Time: 05:09, 17th of November U91. Helmi City, Opal (Opal system).

"I heard the government killed her because she refused her treatment."

The girl was older than him, and much taller at twelve years old than he had managed so far in his eight years. She towered over him with her friends and laughed as she always did. He wondered briefly if she would hit him this time, or if she would just let her boy-thralls do it for her. He had tried to fight back once, but that had only made it worse.

"She just died," he objected.

"Did your defective father tell you that?" she spat back, the mocking sneer screwing her face repulsively.

He didn't answer. There was no point. He just closed his eyes and waited for it to be over.

But then, another voice came from behind the ring of children around him.

"Suann Bullworth, is that you?"

Jean opened his eyes again and although he could still not see the newcomer, his tormentors had turned to see who it was. He could see someone the same height as Suann standing right in front of her, no more than a centimeter from her face. He could not hear what was being said, so quiet was it, but a moment later the circle was gone, walking away down the street away from the school.

The stranger, whom Jean could now see was another girl of around Suann's age, smiled down at him and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

"I'm Andra. And don't thank me, squirt. I owe that bitch."

"Why is she so mean?" Jean asked. Andra shrugged and scoffed.

"People. They ain't no good."

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