The Unity Chronicles


Unity Standard Time: 18:50, 12th of December U80. Helmi City, Opal.

He prayed to the Creator that he was losing his mind. He willed himself to wake up in a cold sweat in his own bed, to find his wife sleeping peacefully beside him.

The busy city streets whirled about him, and he spun this way and that, seeking something, anything, that would tell him he was crazy, or dreaming. People passed him by, happily ignorant and getting on with their lives. A few spared him a curious glance, but nothing more.

They had to be told. If he could not wake up, then he must wake them. Everyone. Wake them from their blind reverie to see the truth as he had. He grabbed at the nearest person, a suited woman holding a cup and a PDA.

"They're making you do it!" he shouted. "Don't you see?" The woman pushed him off in alarm, and hurried away. He would never get through to individuals, he saw, all too invested in their illusion.

"Everything you believe is a lie!" he cried out to the world. Several people were looking his way now, and he continued; he could not afford to lose their attention now.

"The Council are experimenting on your brains! They make you think what they want! Your memories are false, you are not who you think you are!"

Maybe he was going crazy after all, he thought as he heard his own words. They were the ravings of a madman, a person unhinged from reality. But when reality had become detached from itself, what was the alternative for the man who noticed?

"Just think!" he continued to his growing audience. "Last year we were on the brink of civil war! Where did all that conflict go? Where's the resentment? They erased it and replaced it with this false utopia!"

Nobody remembered his words the next day. They did remember a poor unfortunate having a breakdown on a busy street, and being taken away for a treatment. Many would remember looking forward to their own scheduled treatments as a result.

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