The Unity Chronicles

About the Author

Nick Westwood has been writing for fun and grades for as long as he can remember, and becoming a published author has been a dream of his for some time. While in his third year of his undergraduate degree, he had an opportunity to write a short story for an upcoming anthology called The Maker's Mark: Remnants. It was the second-longest piece of fiction he had written to date, and got his creative juices flowing.

Shortly after Remnants was published, he dug out an old story he had begun writing called Escape Velocity: Blind Obedience - which actually was the longest piece of fiction he had written to date, albeit over the course of around ten years. It had begun as fanfiction, but now he planned to rebuild it from the ground up and set it in its own complex universe. At some arbitrary point in this process, he realised there was scope for a whole series of novels set in this universe, and it was at that point that The Unity Chronicles were born.

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