The Unity Chronicles

Death of an Archon

Unity Standard Time: 12:04, 13th of May U94. New Jerusalem.

Kiah Sicarius, Primus of the Church of Unity, former Archon, and founder of the unifying galactic government, shuffled towards his cot, his dry soles rasping their way across the cool wooden floor. The soft furnishings of his bedroom were lit only by the weak, slightly orange light reflected from the planet's second moon.

It was getting harder to move around, he had noticed. Soon even the medical procedures keeping him alive would no longer be sufficient, but he had made his peace with death long ago.

Pulling the white duvet up over his white, almost translucent skin, he settled down into the same untroubled sleep that he had enjoyed every night for almost as long as he could remember. But he still remembered his last nightmare, several lifetimes ago, after he had gone to bed with blood still staining his quivering fingers.

He awoke again with a start, feeling the cold metal at his throat. He smiled.

"Say what you wish to say," he told the one holding the blade. A featureless mask hid the assassin's features.

"I have nothing to say to you."

"You are a skilled enough assassin to make it here, and yet you wake me instead of killing me. Whether you admit it to yourself of not, you have something you want me to know."

"Maybe I didn't want you thinking you had died in your sleep."

"Oh, but I did. I have several measures in place to ensure that."

"Nothing can stop me killing you."

"No indeed, but that is hardly the point."

"Enough. Meet your precious Creator."

Kiah felt the blade bite, and though his heart began the doomed attempt to keep him from death, he felt calm as the life flowed from him, staining the pristine white bed.

The advanced sensors set up in the room -- custom built for this occasion by a gifted engineer, now conveniently deceased -- sealed the doors and released a superheated nerve gas. The assassin dropped next to the corpse of the Primus, cooked despite the mask offering protection from the poison gas.

Several hours later, the Primus' Acolyte addressed the Unity News Network in a special press conference confirming the tragic death of the founder of Unity. Old age had finally taken its toll, and the systems and worlds of Unity began a day of mourning.

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